Monday, August 31, 2009

Starlearners @ Sembawang August Update!

National Day Celebrations 2009!

7th August 2009 saw most of the children and teachers turning up in red and white. It was Singapore’s National Day Celebration!

The morning programme started with a mass sing-along session with children the wearing their handmade headbands and excitedly waving their handmade flags, followed by a National Day Observance Ceremony during the morning assembly when Mrs Xavier and Ms Fizah brought the children back in time by telling them stories of Singapore’s History. This was followed by a quiz which the children enthusiastically participated in!

The celebration ended with a garden picnic where the children tucked in to a variety of fruits, vegetables and non-creamy cakes contributed by our wonderful parents!

Birthday celebration

Our K2 children were treated to a MacDonald’s Birthday Celebration hosted by one of our

The children had an enjoyable and fun-filled session of storytelling, balloon sculpture, tattoo painting and even a magic show! The day ended with the children receiving goodie bags and presents from the birthday girl. What a wonderful day! Growie Storytelling Session

Our children learnt about growing tall and strong through an exciting and educational “Growie Edutainment Show” organized by Abbott Laboratories (Singapore). The children had a great time throughout the show cum storytelling session and were extremely excited when “Growie” the mascot appeared!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Star Learners @ Simei – August Update

Star Learners @ Simei celebrated National Day @ Pasir Ris Park on the 8th August 2009. It was really a fun day! There were about a hundred people at the celebration, which included teachers, children, parents and grandparents, with most of us dressed in red and white!

The teachers led everyone in a sing-along, which included a medley of popular national songs such as, ‘Count on me Singapore’, ’Home’, ’Chan Mali Chan’, ‘One People, One Nation, One Singapore’, ‘Munnaeru Vaalibaa’ and ‘Singapore Town’.

Parent and children participants for all the games were so overwhelming that we even repeated the games a few times! We could see that parents and children really enjoyed themselves playing games like the ‘newspaper game’, ’egg on a spoon’, ‘Three-legged game’ and ‘Who created the longest line?’!

Using food coupons issued by the school, each person was given a pack of fried bee hoon with fishcake, sausage and nuggets, and free flow of fruit punch, for our ‘National Day Brunch’ celebrations! It was an enjoyable and memorable event for all of us!

Listening intently to instructions for the games

Eating the delicious food!

Tattoo Art!

Carefully balancing the egg!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Star Learners @ Pasir Ris- Aug Update

We have had a wonderful & fun August so far, celebrating National Day & taking our kids for an outing to Pastamania!

National Day Celebrations:

On national day, we had a potluck party, where our children bought different types of food to school to share with their friends.

It was a fun filled day, as the children were treated to body tattoo decorations involving NDP logos & pictures!

We also had a sing-a-long session with our children where we sang National Day songs. It culminated with us singing a birthday song for Singapore & eating a birthday cake together.

Pastamania outing

Our children had so much fun at the outing to Pastamania last week! The staff from Pastamania showed them the different tools to pizza making, and told them how these tools were used to make pizza. They were also taught about the importance of safety, cleanliness & hygiene when making food.

Each child was then given a set of ingredients (pizza dough, tomato puree, plate of ingredients, etc) to make a pizza for themselves.

In addition to being a fun activity for our children, activities such as this serve to enhance children’s’ creativity & curiosity. Motor skills are also improved as the children knead the dough into the right shape and thickness, and use hand-eye coordination & their own creativity to decorate their pizza.

As you can see- they really enjoyed themselves! Even our playgroup children (18 months- 2 years) could make yummy pizzas which they brought home!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Starlearners @ Eunos: Aug Update!

Star Learners @ Eunos had an activity filled few weeks- visiting both the Singapore Philatelic Museum as well as the Singapore Botanic Gardens!

Fieldtrip to the Singapore Philatelic Museum:

Our children went on a fieldtrip to the Singapore Philatelic Museum and had an educational and meaningful learning experience with Mr. Postman. There, our children learnt about how the postal service worked, taking part in fun activities to collect, cancel, sort and deliver the mail with Mr. Postman.

Fieldtrip to the Singapore Botanic Gardens:
Our children also made a trip to the Singapore Botanic Gardens in line with our theme: 'Plants and Insects.'
They had lots of opportunities to interact and explore with the natural environment. Back in Star Learners @ Eunos, learning about insects in the Nursery classroom was further extended by creating two 3D "ant " models, the first using newspapers, glue and paints, and the other using play dough. The children were then given the opportunities to present their final "projects" to their friends at the end of the day.


A very warm welcome to our new children joining Star Learners @ Eunos!!!!
Elis Tan, Lau Tian Yu, Bryan Seah, Shannon Choong and Jadee Teo ( Playgroup ) and Muhd Al Qasha ( N2 )