Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Star Learners @ Pasir Ris: Children's Day Update!!

I think many people have heard the song "Greatest love of all".This song is really a very meaningful one and we as teachers should listen carefully to the lyrics of the song.......

"I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be......"

Children's Day celebration for our kids in Star Learners @ Pasir Ris was a very special one this year. Instead of having the usual games and party in school, we had it at the Explorerkids @ Down town East.

Well, before i even need to describe what the kids did at Explorerkids, you can see them through the photos already. We had an hour of fun at the Mega Play, Balls Pool area, etc, followed by lunch there- with burgers, nuggets, french fries and milo catered by Explorerkids as well!
Watching how carefree and excited our kids were, and hearing all the laughter from them, we knew that they had a great time!

It was really worth it, although all of us felt sooooooooo tired by the end of the day. :)

We wish all the children in the world a very happy Children's Day!!!!

Star Learners @ Sembawang- Sept Update!

Teachers Day- Thanks for making it so special!!

Teachers Day was a very special day for us, as our little children celebrated with us & showed us how much they appreciated us! Our teachers were showered with wonderful gifts from the children, and our parents also generously provided food items for our class parties on the day! We felt so very special and loved!

Everyone in our Star Learners team were also treated to a delicious buffet dinner at Silver Shell Café at Sentosa hosted by our Management!

Upcoming Event- Children's Day Celebration!!!

We are having a Children's Day Celebration on 1st October 2009, and are really excited about it!!

Highlights of the day will include:
- A Mini Waterworld Inflatable Bouncer
- Traffic Circuit Activities by Bukit Batok Driving Centre
- Snow-skin Mooncake & Lantern Making Sessions
- Children's Day Gift Packs!

We can't wait for our children to enjoy the fun-filled day and bring home stories of the day to share with their Moms & Dads!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Star Learners @ Simei Update!

Outing to Geylang Serai!

The children of Star Learners @ Simei went for an interesting outing on the 10th of September 2009. We went to the Malay Village (Kampong Melayu) at Geylang Serai.

In view of the upcoming Hari Raya festival, the centre organized this trip to expose our young ones to different cultures. Kampong Melayu was thus a very good example to show our children the different way of life the Malay community had back in the day.

At the entrance, the children were greeted by 2 big buffalo cart statues. The teachers explained that they were a form of transportation a long time ago. We then moved into the Kampong, where we saw a “Wayang Kulit” performance. This was the type of entertainment people enjoyed long before television was invented, and the Wayang Kulit is still around today!

Our teachers then got to tell the children about why and how Hari Raya is celebrated. The children also got to see the many shops that sold the Malay Traditional costumes, called “Baju Kurungs” and the songkoks which Malay men wear on their heads!

Next, the children got the opportunity to look and learn about wood carvings. Wood carvings are common in a typical Malay Village, and are normally found on the doors and pillars of a kampong house.

After that, we headed down to the Bazaar, which was just outside the Malay Village. The Bazaar was very exciting to the children as it was so colourful and filled with many different smells from the Hari Raya goodies! The smells were so intoxicating that one of our parents bought some goodies for the children to enjoy. Yummy!!!

It was a wonderful and educational outing for the children. We learnt a few new things and most of all, we had great fun!


My grandson, Alexander Lee Kwan Weng, attends Star Learners @Simei. I would like to feedback that the recent excursion to the Malay Kampong was very educational. Alexander and his classmates enjoyed the outing tremendously. Most of all, I find that the children were able to follow instructions, were well-behaved and attentive to the commentaries provided by the teachers. Overall, it was well organised, and the teachers were mindful of the children's safety at all times. I hope that the centre will organise more of such outings in future so as to expose the children to different cultures and experiences. Thank you. - Mrs Lee -

Birthday Celebration.
We had many birthday celebrations at Star Learners @ Simei in the month of August and September. Some parents came to join in the celebration, bringing cakes with beautiful designs, such as Barbie & Action Heroes themed cakes! The children sang birthday songs and ate the cakes happily together. The children even received goodie bags from the birthday boys/girls! What a great way for the children to celebrate their birthday in school!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Star Learners @ Pasir Ris: Update!

We had a Hari Raya themed Cookery Lesson today!

It was not just a normal cooking session- it involved Science, learning about Hari Raya and developing our children's fine motor skills with all the stirring and scooping!

Our children bonded together as they had fun learning how to make goodies for our Hari Raya celebration.

The teachers and kids made "Chocolate Pops" - popular snacks that are usually found during the Hari Raya celebration. These "Chocolate Pops" that they made can be found at Geylang Serai too!

Our children watched and learnt about what happens when chocolate and butter melts, and enjoyed the wonderful smells as well!

When preparing the food, our children felt the textures of the food, tasted the chocolate and also had fun stirring up the chocolate and coco pops together!

At the same time, our teachers told the children about Hari Raya and the different things that their Muslim friends do during Hari Raya!

Everyone then wrapped the "Chocolate Pops" into goodie bags, and the children got to give their newly made goodies to their Muslim friends and wish them 'Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri'!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Star Learners @ Eunos: Parent Involvement Write Up (Thank you again Javier's Mommy!)

Javier Wong's 6th Birthday Party @ Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

This year, being the final year for Javier in Star Learners, I decided to gather his friends on a memorable excursion for his 6th birthday.

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden was picked for its ability to create interaction, imagination, curiousity, creativity and a sense of appreciation for nature amongst the young.

I couldn't help bur rush over when the spirited little children stepped down from the bus. "Javier, Javier", was called out by many of them. By then, our guide Salina was waiting to welcome the 20 enthusiastic kids and a 2 month old baby.

Salina led us through a restricted entrace to a classroom, greeted by hanging paper birds and shared a touching story about Sara, a young Botanicosaurus who wanted to find a perfect birthday gift for her little brother Jamie.

During the treasure hunt for the perfect gift, the children were introduced to the different types of plants which interacted with their senses through smell, taste and touch.

The brave little ones attempted to cross the wobbly suspension bridge while the fascinating tree house took our attention. I couldn't help but observe the explorers conquering the heights and making their way down a slide repeatedly, like an army of ants, making sure that they were taking turns and allowing the younger ones to go first. We also made our way to the unique maze garden where the little adventurers used their wits to lead us out of the maze.

By now, a buffet spread awaited the hungry children at the Kidz Cafe. Many of them helped themselves to second and third servings. Disney party hats were distributed, while the yummy 'Mickey & Friends' ice-cream cake made its presence. The kinds sang their favourate song "Happy Birthday", and indulged in the ice-cream cake.

Gifts were shared between the young birthday boy & his very first friends. It was nto had to know that the best birthday gift that he had were the friendships they shared.

Thank you Star Learners, Jacob Ballas Children's Garden and our little friends for making the party a successful and enjoyable one for our family! :)

Rebecca Chin & Joseph Wong
Parents of Javier (K2) and Janelle (N2)
Star Learners Eunos- Year 2009

Star Learners @ Eunos: September Update!

Star Learners @ Eunos had exciting filled weeks celebrating National Day as well as visiting the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden for Javier’s birthday celebration.

We're really excited this month as well, as Javier's Mommy has kindly contributed an article which we will be putting up right after this! :)

National Day Celebration:

This is home truly, where I know I must be, where my dreams wait for me, where that river always flows… Our children sang along with feelings as Star Learners @ Eunos celebrated National Day on the 7th August 2009.

It was an exciting day as our children came dressed in red and white to wish Singapore a ”Happy Birthday”.

The day kicked off with an educational talk on the history of Singapore and learning about the facts of Singapore such as, the symbol meaning of our National flag, the 4 main races of Singapore as well as the importance of keeping the peace and harmony in Singapore. Our children also got to see and learn about the different ethnic costumes.

Next was a sing-a-long in which our children sang along with feelings, waving their flags to songs like “What Do You See’, “Shine for Singapore”, “Home” etc to express their love for Singapore. The celebration ended with a host of games and activities.

What a fun and meaningful celebration we had!