Thursday, October 22, 2009

Star Learners @ Pasir Ris: Oct Update

Muruku Making- Our Deepavali Cookery Special!

As D
eepavali is round the corner, we invited Yokesh's mum and grandma to come down to the centre and hold a fun and interesting cookery lesson.

We made "Muruku" which is one of the traditional snacks eaten during the festival.
Yokesh's mum and grandma showed the kids how to mix the flour, margarine and the spices together into a dough. They said that the spices used in the muruku actually helps digestion!

The dough was then made into a mould. This part was really interesting- the dough was like play dough that the children love! When the kids turned the handle, the long strips of dough came flowing down from the star shaped mould cutter.

After that, the kids watched how the dough was fried. The finished muruku were then completely eaten up by them!
It was really a good experience for all the children, and Yokesh as well. Yokesh felt very happy and proud that his mum and grandma came to his school and spent this precious time with his friends.

A really big thank you to Yokesh's mum and grandma for making this cookery session so fun and successful!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Star Learners @ Simei: October Update

Children's Day Celebration

Hooray! It’s Children’s Day! The kids at Star learners @ Simei celebrated Children’s Day on the 30th of September 2009.

We had loads of fun! The children came in their best party outfits, and parents contributed all kinds of goodies, such as sushi, noodles, fishballs, pastries and cakes. After passing out gifts for the children, we adjourned outdoors for an open air disco! The kids danced and partied all morning, followed by a feast for them right after! “What a great day!” Special thanks to our Star Learners parents for their generous contributions. The children loved it!

Lantern Festival

After a day’s break on Children’s day, we came back with lanterns and mooncakes! The school celebrated the Lantern Festival on Friday, 2nd of October 2009.

Everyone was taught how to make mooncakes and they enjoyed the demonstration! Our teachers then told the children about the legend behind the mooncake festival.

After trying out some delicious mooncake, the children brought their lanterns out for a walk. The lanterns were of all shapes, sizes and colours. What a great week! The children had a blast! Wonder what we’ll do next year….. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Starlearners @ Eunos: October Update!

Starlearners @ Eunos take off to Hay Dairies Farm and to the Singapore Zoological Gardens!

The past month has been full of activities, and we had a total of 2 wonderful outings with our Star Learners Children! They enjoyed themselves thoroughly at each of the outings, and here's a short write up to share with you what happened!

Field Trip to Hay Dairies Farm:

Hay Dairies Farm was definitely an interesting fieldtrip for our children. Whilst at the farm, they attended a short talk which answered the children’s many curious questions about goats, their way of living and providing for people.

The children were also given the opportunity to see and learn about the way goats are managed, fed and milked in the farm! Our children couldn’t take their eyes off the adorable 'kids'! Moreover, the children were able to bring back a bottle of goats milk each, which lead to an interesting discussion back in school about the difference in taste between the milk of a goat and a cow!

Trip to the Singapore Zoological Gardens

The fieldtrip to the Zoo was an eventful and joyous one. We spent the whole afternoon there with both our Star Learners children and their parents! Teachers and children cheerfully ambled their way through the zoo as the children learnt about the animals and their way of living.

Our next stop was every child’s favourite activity area- 'Rainforest Kidzworld’. They had an immense fun in the water with the teachers! After the water play, we set off to say 'hi' to the ponies, falabellas and goats.

We ended the trip by attending talks on “The Tamed Animals” which the zoo had specially organised for the younger-aged children. Our children enjoyed learning about tamed animals. There was even a talk called “Mad about elephants” which was attended by the kindergarten children! These talks gave the children an opportunity to gain knowledge on the concept of size, weight, and making comparisons. What an eventful day it was!

Teachers’ Day

We teachers had a wonderful time watching our children sing and dance especially for us on teacher’s day eve. It was a truly blessed day as both children and parents showered us with so much appreciation and love!

A great team leads the way to a fruitful path. The secret to a great team? Warm fellowship! Starlearners @ Eunos teachers celebrated the day dedicated for them together at the Night Safari after a scrumptious dinner. We ended the night merrily- with a delightful supper amidst happy camaraderie!