Sunday, November 29, 2009

Starlearners at Simei: November Update

Trip to Sentosa Discovery & Natures' Trail

The children of Starlearners @ Simei went to Sentosa on the 20th of November 2009. It was a wonderful day for a nice walk, fun, and games on the beach. We were invited by the students of the ITE College East as a part of a project they were working on.

The children were treated to wonderful sceneries and different types of natural surroundings, such as parks, forest trails, bridges and pathways, passing many trees and bushes of every kind! When we saw a spider spinning it's own web, the children were extremely excited!

After the walk, we proceeded to the beach, where we had some lunch and drinks before having more fun! The children played in the sand and a playground, and we also had many games in store for them!

It was truly a great day, and we managed to come back just in time too, as it started to rain right after! Whew!

Star Learners @ Pasir Ris November Update

IndoChine's Green Festival

Our little children at Star Learners @ Pasir Ris were invited to participate in an extremely meaningful event: Indochine's Green Festival, by Mr Michael Ma and Mrs Camilla Hall (Oscar and Bianca parents ).

The annual IndoChine Festival went green this year in partnership with one of the oldest and largest environmental network worldwide, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).Taking place from 10 November to 16th November 2009, the festival kicked off with an art exhibition “Peace of Art”, a showcase by renowned Singapore Artist, Sun Yu Li.

As part of the 'Peace of Art' showcase, our Star Learners children were invited to paint together with Mr Sun Yu Li. The completed art pieces were then to be auctioned for charity.

The children had a great time enjoying the painting as it really enhances their creativity and self expression. Look at all the lovely pictures the children painted! We also managed to explain to the children the significance of charity and also told them a little about the wonderful Green Festival that Indochine had organised.
We truly enjoyed having the opportunity to be involved in the IndoChine Green Festival in such a wondeful way which involved our children, as it is such a meaningful event.
Our team at Star Learners Pasir Ris have a goal of 'Saving the Earth' (it also happens to be our theme for our year end concert this year!), and so we were extremely happy that we had the chance to share with our children about charity & saving the earth in such a tangible way!

It was a very meaningful outing indeed!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Star Learners @ Eunos: November Update!

Star Learners @ Eunos had lots of celebrations & activities in the past few weeks, all of which were fun and meaningful for both our children & teachers!

We celebrated Children’s Day with a Potluck lunch prepared by the parents. Our children enjoyed themselves thoroughly with all the games & food! Thank you parents for your kind contributions! :)

Next, we went on a fieldtrip to the Singapore Science Centre.

Talks were conducted for the children on Mid-Autumn Festival and on the Festival of Lights. (Deepavali)

In addition, our Playgroup has started their practice for the year end concert!

Early Childhood Education: Separation Anxiety

Experts have coined the term “separation anxiety” as the phase where infants become upset when the adult on whom they reply on has to leave them.

Although this is usually most pronounced when they are six to seventeen months, it could extend to the toddler age as well. Toddlers see their familiar caregiver (usually their parents) as a secure base from which to explore and venture into environment and then are able to return for emotional support. For older toddlers, language permits the toddler to understand why the parent is coming and going and when to predict her return.

One possible solution is to create a routine with your child. For example, spend breakfast time together. This, along with an explanation of where you are going (“to work”) and when you would be back (“before dinner”) would help your child withstand your absence. Although the effects may not be immediate, it is important to establish through routine communication that his/her secure base (you) remains.

Should your child discontinue pre-school education?
Do not underestimate your child’s potential for adaptability but draw encouragement that your child stops crying soon after you leave. That is probably more a communication of protest, than any deep-seated resentment of school. So, please do not withdraw your child at this stage.

At Star Learners @ Eunos, what our teachers constantly do, are to communicate with the parent actively on the child’s emotional development, to settle the child quickly and to communicate extensively with the parent on the child’s settling in.

Enrolment for Year 2010 is now open for registration. There are eight vacancies left for Year 2010. Please call us at Tel: 6745 1230 if you wish to enroll your child / children.

Write up by: Star Learners Eunos

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Star Learners @ Sembawang Oct Update

This month was filled with exciting activities for our children & teachers here at Star Learners Sembwang! As they say that a picture paints a thousand words, here they are! :)

Children's Day!

Our children at Sembawang were treated to a fun-filled day of activities, food and each of them also got a goodie bag filled with gifts!

The children learning about road safety and the importance of obeying traffic rules from Bukit Batok Driving School instructors.

The mini water world bouncer was a hit with all the children! They just could not get enough of bouncing and sliding in it, and kept asking for more time to play in it!

Moon Cake Making Session!

All our children had their first experience with moon-cake making. They were especially excited when they got to do it themselves and were even more excited to distribute the mooncakes to our neighbours!!

The children preparing to give away their delicious mooncakes to our Star Learners neighbours! :)

One of the activities which all our children look forward to every month – Water Play!!

Staff Training: First Aid for Children

Children First Aid training for our staff conducted in-house by a Certified First-Aid Trainer.
Learning CPR- For Adults & for Toddlers!
Learning the correct methods so we're all prepared for emergencies!