Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All Geared Up to Wow!

Months of preparation for the year-end concert was finally coming to a conclusion. Just before the "big" day, our Star Learners children had a full dress rehearsal in the centre. The children from the respective levels danced to the beat of different song genres , from Chinese folk songs to pop songs including "Mambo Number 5" and the ever popular "Nobody". Seeing the children twisting and turning in their fanciful costume was definitely a treat to the eye. We are so sure our parents will be very impressed by the actual performance so till then! Enjoy!

Dough Masters!

Fine-motor skill development is very important in children as this will determine their hand-writing ability and one of the best way to improve this essential skill is through dough-modelling.

Our Star Learners children at Boscombe recently had a dough-modelling session. It was a day where they were encouraged to let their imagination run wild they so did! Just a look at their creations and you will know what I mean. This is no doubt killing two birds with one stone; fine-motor skills development + creativity all-in-one!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Joy + Tears for our graduates!

On the 17th of December, we held our year-end concert for our graduating K2 Star Learners. Apart from the singing and dancing, we included a surprise segment where we showcased a book which was conceptualised, illustrated and written entirely by our K2 cohort in the middle of the year. The book is a compilation of our Star Learners children's thoughts, ideas and creativity. They discussed and came up with the story line, the characters and worked together to complete the story. Thereafter, they did the illustrations which added life to the story.

Such is the kind of foundation we have built in our Star Learners children and we sincerely hope that the children will continue writing great stories. In addition, kudos to all children and parents who have made the concert a tremendous success! We will miss our lovely K2 graduates!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Star Learners - Confident Leap

We are so proud of Keira who did a Tuck Swing and cleared the "obstacle" during her Gymnastics session at our Sembawang centre that we just have to feature her in our latest ad creative in Young Parents December issue!

Plant Detectives on the Prowl!

Our children at Star Learners were "let loose" in a bid to learn more about plants, the experiential way!

As part of our theme for the month of October, we specially planned lessons outdoors all around the neighbourhood of Bukit Batok to look for interesting plants so our Star Learners children can see, smell, touch and even taste them!

We must say Bukit Batok is really quiite a "green" estate as we found many variety of plants, from chilli to aloe vera and even pomegranate! Now this is what we call learning at it best!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Halloween Horror

The "gate of hell" creaked open at Star Learners Branksome on Halloween. The party started with a delicious buffet spread of food served to our parents and teachers by our very polite Star Learners children.

After the dinner, it was time to rock the house! All our children took part in the treasure hunt where we spotted pirates, fairies and even mummies hunting enthusiastically for the goodie-bags!

The next game was carefully planned to encourage family bonding. We invited daddies to volunteer themselves to be dressed up by our children. Three minutes was all it took our creative Star Learners children to transform the daddies into Eco warriors using recycled materials! Our daddies gamely paraded themselves with their children in tow down the "runway".

The party ended on a high note with a trick or treat for all our children. Two parent volunteers, dressed as a devil and a witch went around distributing yummy treats. Such was Star Learners' night of "horrifying" fun!

Cooperation the way to go!

As part of our Stanley Starfish Character Development Programme, our K1 and K2 Star Learners children were taught the importance of "Cooperation".

The definition "Cooperation is joining happily with others to work as a team" was explained to the children. We also explained to them that cooperating with other people also helps improve their communication skills as well as the acceptance of others.

Story-sharing, playing of "Cooperation" games and dancing the Waltz helped us get the message across more effectively. Through all the activities, our children understood that "no man is an island" and that the good of a group is more important than that of oneself. Equipped with this good character trait, our children will be able to succeed in school and in life!

Off we go to Universal Studios!

Have you been to Universal Studios Singapore? If your answer is no, we suggest you start planning a trip there soon!

All thanks to the kind sponsorship from one of our student's parents, we had the opportunity to explore Universal Studios.

The bus journey there was an "explosive" one as the students bombarded the teachers with questions like "Will we see Shrek", "Is the roller coaster ride very scary"? Well, what better way than for the children to find out the answers themselves!

We had a go at the "Accelerator", watched Shrek in 4D, went on our first adventure merry-go-round ride, had a group photograph taken with the characters of the movie "Magadascar" and had lunch at the "Goldilocks". The experience, as described by our students? AWESOME!!