Saturday, January 23, 2010

Star Learners @ Simei: Jan Update!

Musings of A Playgroup Teacher

Working with the playgroup is definitely not BORING! Each child comes with their own personality and character. As a playgroup teacher, I always try to anticipate each child’s behaviour. This helps in making the child feel more at ease, especially during the first few days. Communication with the parents is also vital. They will let us know the habits and little details about the child. For example, a particular child likes to be cuddled or a child does not like it when there are too much noise.

Some playgroups are shy, whereas some are very confident and are extroverts. Every child settles differently. Some settles after a few days, there are some who takes longer.

As a caregiver, I try to assure and give the child time to adapt. Assurance and security are keys to settling a child. Changes can be seen after a while.

When the child starts to slowly move away from a place that he or she is comfortable with, the child will start to smile and talk and join in activities too!

It gives me a great sense of satisfaction and pride when I see a child feeling more at home in school.

Written by Fazleen

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Star Learners @ Pasir Ris- Jan Update!

We started on Jolly Phonics in January!

After giving the kids hands on exposure with the Jolly Phonics activities, we realised that they could read and match the words to the pictures confidently. The children enjoyed the actions and letter sounds used and our teacher also enjoyed exposing them to such fun & enjoyable activities. After about a month, we're happy to report that this programme has helped our teachers boost the children's interest in reading!

For a good start of the new year, we brought the kids to Pasir Ris park for an exciting and fun "Park Day". They enjoyed themselves very much!

We have quite a number of new kids joining us in the 2010. At Star Learners, we believe in helping the kids settle in our school with a fun, relaxing and smooth transition. "Park Day" is one of the activities that do just that!

We understand that different children have different ways of expressing their feelings and emotions, therefore we respect each and every individual child in our school and are very glad that all our new kids have settled down very well. We at star Learners look forward for more new kids who will be joining Star Learners soon!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Star Learners @ Eunos: January Update

Star Learners Alumni- Parent Involvement Write-up ( Thank you to Susanna )

Star Learners @ Eunos has been in operation since 2002. During that time, it has graduated several cohorts of students. Other than a few who continue to keep in touch, not much is known about how the other ex-students and their families are doing.

For the class of 2008 however, an alumni of sorts has been formed. Many of the children from this class have been together since playgroup, and have forged firm friendship bonds with each other, as well as having developed strong ties with their teachers. To continue to maintain regular contact, the parents have taken turns to organise gatherings at various locations. To date, three get-togethers were planned – in March, June and most recently, in December 2009. Despite our busy schedules, we have managed to achieve at least 70% attendance each time, thanks to the enthusiastic response from all parents.

Our reunions are usually simple affairs – while the children engage in games and activities, the adults relax and catch up with each other on the latest happenings. It is also a great opportunity for parents to get to know each other, other than just passing strangers at the gate as we drop off or pick our kids up at the centre.

Our plans for the future – for subsequent cohorts of graduands to participate in the gatherings; family outings; overnight camps; even possibly a short trip to nearby regions.

Writted by: Susanna Tan (parent of Amanda and Leanna Pang)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Star Learners Sembawang- Dec Update!

Christmas Celebration!

The children enjoyed themselves tremendously during our Christmas celebration! Santa Claus was there, and we had fake snowflakes, caroling, Christmas story-telling session and playing of games! Our children especially enjoyed eating the biscuits which they decorated themselves with chocolate and fruit toppings! However, the highlight of the day was when they exchanged Christmas gifts with their friends!

What a wonderful celebration it was!

Math & Language Trail @ Sembawang Shopping Centre

Our children were brought to the nearby Sembawang Shopping Centre for a session of our Math & Language Trail!

During this trail, children learnt to read and identify the various retail outlets as well as to count various items at the outlets. The children were also treated to some play time at the open playground located at the top floor of the mall.
What a fun day it was!

Graduation cum Year End Concert 2009

It’s time for our 2009 Graduation cum Year-end Concert again! Our K2 valedictorians gave a thank you speech on behalf of their K2 classmates. Parents were awed by our opening item of a mass dance with children dressed in their bright and colourful costumes filling the stage.

Children from all levels from Playgroup right up to our K2 children put up an exciting and memorable performance of a modern Bollywood hip hop dance, Malay culture dance, Chinese dance, gym performance and many others for their parents.

The children were dressed in dazzling costumes which bring out the theme of their dance. Parents were excitedly taking pictures and videos of their precious ones during the performance. The day ended with a sumptuous light refreshment for all.