Sunday, February 28, 2010

Star Learners @ Sembawang: Feb Update!

Chinese New Year Celebration

Star Learners @ Sembawang had a fun, activity-filled Chinese New Year Celebration in February!

Our celebration highlights included first a story telling session for our children. We shared the story of á very fierce beast named 'Nian' which would appear in and prey on people. The terrorised people ultimately found out that the beast was afraid of the colour red, bright lights and noise, and managed to drive the beast away with red fire crackers. Since then, people would traditionally set fire crackers off on the eve of the Lunar New Year to drive away the beast. Our little children listened to us transfixed & really enjoyed the story!

After that, we showed the children items that were regularly displayed & used during Chinese New Year, and told them about their significance.

We then had a very enjoyable sing-a-long of Chinese New Year songs for our little children, and we finished off with a wonderful Çhinese New Year meal which included steam boat, ice kachang making, sandwich making, design-your-own-cookies. We ended the day with a peeling-mandarin-oranges competition which the children really enjoyed!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Chinese New Year, and that it will usher in lots of good fortune and happiness to everyone!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Star Learners @ Simei- Feb Update!

Visit to Chinatown! (Gong xi gong xi to all!!)

The children of Star Learners @ Simei went to Chinatown on the 4th of February. Before we left the school, the teachers told the children about Chinese New Year, and how and why it is celebrated to better enable the children to prepare themselves for the trip.

We arrived Chinatown at around 10 am in the morning. There were plenty of fruits on show like mandarin oranges, pumpkins, 'buddha fingers', pamelos, etc. We also saw plenty of decorative items on display. The whole area was bursting with the colour red!

As it was a really hot day, the children and teachers were exhausted by the end of the outing, but we all had fun!!

Chinese New Year Celebration!

We had a colourful and "loud" celebration on the 19 February 2010. Everyone was even dressed in their Chinese New Year's traditional clothes!

We started the celebration with listening to why the Lunar New Year was celebrated. We then ate Chinese New Year goodies as well as other food and snacks which some of our parents kindly contributed for the celebration. To end it all off, we watched a Lion Dance Performance to usher in the year of the Tiger.

What a wonderful celebration it was!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stanley Starfish Character Programme- Respect

In the month of January 2010, the K1 & K2 children were introduced to "Stanley the Starfish" at the launch of our Character Development Programme at Star Learners @ Simei.

We went through a very exciting journey to support the children in learning about the various facets of respect through a series of activities and games.

One example of a learning game was when we played “Musical Chairs” together. The game is played with the same rules except that the winner for each round was the child who first gives up his/ her seat graciously to the last child standing.

They learnt how to be thoughtful to the feelings of others, show careful consideration to each other and learnt the magic words of respect (Please, Thank you, You are welcome, Excuse me, Sorry, No worries). What a fun and great way for the children to learn about respect at Star Learners!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Star Learners @ Pasir Ris- February Update!

Steamboat 'Reunion Dinner' & other fun things learnt at Star Learners!

We did a mini project related to Chinese New Year with our K2 children this month around our chinese custom of having a reunion dinner during Chinese New Year!

The reunion dinner is a custom that Chinese people practice every year- where they gather (reunite) as a family to have dinner. The reunion dinner is thus a symbol of family unity and harmony.

The usage of chopsticks is also a traditional chinese eating utensil

Since we at Star Learners @ Pasir Ris had already decided to organise a steamboat 'reunion lunch' to celebrate Chinese New Year, we also decided that we should pass down the important skill of using the chopsticks to all our K2 children!!

The kids first helped with the food preparation with Teacher Regina - they helped with a whole plethora of things, from arranging the chairs and tables, getting the cutlery ready for each of their friends, ensuring the cutlery and utensils are sufficient for everyone..... to washing the food prior to cooking!

Problem solving skills as well as learning about food hygeine were learnt during this process.

For example, through trial and error, the kids learnt how best to hold the bowl and fishballs when washing them to prevent them from dropping. Cooperation was also learnt and practiced as well.

The children then had lots of fun learning how to use their chopsticks!

After the whole process, the kids got to do a follow up activity: Writing!

We asked them write about their reunion lunch experience and encouraged them to write about their thoughts and feelings and things that they enjoyed about the lunch.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience for the children! :)

All of us here @ Star Learners would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a properous and blessed Lunar New Year.

Star Learners @ Eunos Feb Update!

Star Learners Character Education Program

The year 2010 has begun and everyone at Star Learners @ Eunos is looking forward to an adventurous and fruitful year. One very exciting thing that we at Star Learners @ Eunos have started rolling out this year is our very own Star Learners Stanleytm Starfish Character Program!

The children have truly enjoyed themselves during every lesson, discussion session, games time as well as role-playing session. They loved talking about the main character- ‘Stanley’, the starfish and how they wanted to be as respectful as ‘Stanley’.

Tangible results from our Character Programme has already been noticed! For instance, one of the children from the K2 class refused to sit in the empty seat in the MRT train and even told his mum that empty seat should be reserved for the elderly as well as pregnant woman. His mum got a shock and was so proud to hear that remark coming from her little boy! Well done, Edison! We are so proud of you!

In fact, throughout the whole month, we saw our children showing respect whenever they could- from simple tasks like greeting every teacher and the cook, to respecting their environment by putting the things they've used back to where they took them from, as well as accepting a new classmate into their ‘big family’ readily with warmth and love.

Indeed, everyone has done a great job!!! We look forward to seeing more positive responses from our children.

Children's Role-Play in a MRT train as part of our Stanleytm Starfish Character Programme

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Star Learners @ Eunos Update!

Welcoming our New Children to Star Learners @ Eunos on the First Month of the Year 2010

First week of January 2010 : Settling Time

Second and third week of January 2010: Exploring…. the fun way

Fourth week of January 2010: smooth and relaxing interactive environment