Thursday, June 24, 2010

We are obedient Star Learners!

In line with our Stanley Starfish Character Development Programme, we touched on the topic of "Obedience". We explained to our Star Learners what it meant by being obedient; following the instructions given by the one in charge and how bad behaviour can affect people around us. In addition, the children were taught that disobedience can easily become a bad habit even without them realising, thus the importance of putting on their best behaviour at all times.

In order to reinforce the message, we played the game "Who stole the cookies from the cookies pot" to explain that finding excuses to justify bad behaviour can have a disastrous effect as the children will then be unable to tell right from wrong!

The five points of obedience were also shared:

1) Do it now

2) No fuss
3) Happy heart

4) Complete it

5) Say OK and smile

We aim to cultivate children who are obedient not out of fear but because of trust and respect. Our Star Learners are aware that they are responsible for their behaviour, whether good or bad and that it affects their future and are ready to admit and learn from their mistakes!

Cultivating Reading Habits!

All of us must agree that reading has to be the most valuable habit we can instill in our children. With this mission in mind, we decided to bring our K1 and K2 Star Learners on a trip to the library!

For most of the children, the library was a familiar place where they visit regularly. For others, it was their first time there and they finally knew what a library is.

We started off sharing with the children the rules of no running and no loud talking. Next, we showed them what kind of books were available and how they were sorted. The much-awaited "Free and Easy" time came and the children went all around, in search of their favourite book. One after another, they started looking for seats to sit down and get down to reading.

We are so proud of our Star Learners' literacy skills! Most of them could read independently or with a little help from the teachers.

We would like to request all parents to continue to help cultivate this good habit of reading in our children by exposing them to books and making them easily available. It will be even better if you could set aside ten minutes of your precious time daily for your precious child to read and bond at the same time.

We salute our "Bookworms in the making!"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The beauty of nature

Our Star Learners at Branksome went on a discovery trip to a biodynamic organic vegetable farm. It was indeed an eye-opening experience as they discovered the hows and whys of nature which got them all interested in life Sciences!

Every child was given opportunities to see, smell and feel the plants for themselves as we believe in the wonders of hands-on learning. They observed and learnt how to appreciate nature as we shared the effects of human activities on our environment as well as conservation tips.

After a rejuvenating walk around the farm, all the children pledged to become "Eco Warriors" and planted their own plant to get themselves started.

We say "Way to go"!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We are self-sufficient!

Fancy cream butter? Well, look nowhere because our Star Learners have learnt how to make their very own cream butter from whipped cream.

All they had to do was to pour the whipped cream into a plastic bottle(by the way, that's gross-motor skills in practice), cap it up and just shake their way to delicious cream butter.

All of us had a taste of their creation and we must say, we are really impressed!

So remember to give your precious child a chance to showcase the culinary skills he or she has accquired from school the next time you need cream butter. All that is needed is a pack of whipped cream!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I know a fish, inside out!

Real Experience!

Learning about fishes? Our K2 Star Learners did it the hands-on way. The children were handed a fish and imagine their excitement as the touched and smelt the fish while noting down their observations through illustrations. They also made an amazing discovery; that a fish actually has a tongue! All the children now know how scaly a fish feels and also experience natural fish perfume!

We are so glad the children added extra depth to their knowledge bank!