Monday, September 27, 2010

Creative Star Learners!

Our ad creative in the October issue of Young Parents showcased a child bursting with imagination, choosing to use his hands over paintbrushes to colour his queen ant. A perfect representation of creative juices at work!

Wow, Wild, Wet!

National Day celebration is often deemed as a solemn ceremony. However, Star Learners @ Branksome gave it a twist!
Children dressed in red and white were "treated" to a sharing session on the history of Singapore. Next up was the singing of the national anthem and other national day songs before everyone got all serious taking the pledge.
Finally, it was time for celebration; wow, wild and wet style! Our Star Learners children delighted in games such as "Treasure hunt", "Passing on the rubber bands", "Three-legged relay and "Passing on the water-bag". How better to end off the excitement but with "Water-bomb battle"?
What a way to remember Singapore's birthday; the "drenched" way!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Practical lessons through child's play!

Many things in life are better learnt through experiences. This is especially so when it comes to teaching young children.

Star Learners @ Pasir Ris decided to bring the children out to Pasir Ris beach for a day of "Sandcastle Fun"! It was a day where our children learnt loads of stuff. From sensorial; feeling the texture of sand smooth and coarse to gross-motor; scooping, pouring and building sandcastles!

The element of character building was also weaved in when it was time to return to the centre. Our Star Learners children worked hand in hand to pack up all their tools and ensured they left the beach without leaving anything behind. That's what we call responsible and cooperative play!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Playing it Right!

Kids love the great outdoors and we cannot agree more that they learn best through play!

So out went our Star Learners children! They had a "funtastic" time on the slide, the swing and the playhouse. Not only did they develop motor-skills, it was also a precious chance for them to hone their social skills as turn-taking came into play. We also saw the children displaying distinct character traits of our Stanley Starfish programme; they were respectful towards their peers and excercised exceptional self-control.

After a vigorous "workout", the children went through a thorough hand-washing regime to keep all germs at bay!

The end result? Healthy and happy Star Learners children!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Towards a more forgiving world!

Forgiveness was the focus of our Stanley Starfish Character Programme for the month of August.

We started off teaching our Star Learners children the definition: "Forgiveness is being willingly kind to others who have hurt us". With the aim to instill a greathearted character in our children, we taught them to adopt a different perspective towards viewing situations so that they can develop a generous spirit and be able to truly forgive from their hearts.

Stories were shared and a rap was taught. Next up was a rap contest to reinforce the teachings and the children had such an amusing time competing against each other!

We believe by learning to forgive, children will be better able to tell right from wrong and make correct decisions and be happier. Three cheers to our magnanimous Star Learners children!

Star Learners Olympics!

Singapore had the honour of hosting the inaugural Youth Olympics Games. Inspired by the spirit of the games, Star Learners @ Bukit Batok also held their "maiden" Sports Day!

The children competed against each other in several friendly matches, many of which were initiated by the children themselves! Right after the "contention", our Star Learners children had the honour of witnessing the YOG torch bearer passing by the Bukit Batok precinct. In fact, our children were cheering and giving their utmost support to the torch bearer alongside the MP, Mr Ang Mong Seng who gamely posed for a group photograph with our Star Learners children and teachers; the perfect keepsake to mark the eventful day!