Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Star Learners Kids Carnival!

Celebration for our Star Learners children at Sembawang was an extensive array of activities, both indoors and outdoors!

The children had a bubbly time playing with, well bubbles! They also turned little doodle champs, working together to create a treasured artwork, underwent marksman training and sand-play and tried their hands at our self-made carnival booth.

We simply loved it when the children danced and swayed to the music; revealing their well-developed gross motor skills!

To further excite the children and really make the day one to remember, we specially arranged to have a bouncy castle in our premise! Not only did the children had a "bouncy" time, we teachers and staff did just as much, if not more!

The final finale was "water bombs war"! Even our principal, Nancy was not spared in the battle with everyone drenched from top to toe!

Check out the excitement!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Star Learners - Children of Character!

We wanted to showcase our children displaying good character traits in the latest ad creative in November issue of Young Parents. Qin Yi of our Branksome centre was a model of self-control as she performed a "Nikkyo" during her Aikido lesson on her classmate.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Lesson on Fruits

In line with the theme on fruits, our teachers and staff at Star Learners Simei went all out to "collect" loads of variety of fruits to show our children. In order to enhance the experience further, a session to prepare a Mexican snack - Guacomole using avocado was also incorporated so the children could associate the fruit to its taste. With this, not only do the children know what an avocado is, they also know how it feels and taste!

Other more common fruits like watermelon and oranges were also introduced to the children along with the fruits' nutritional benefit as this was definitely the ultimate chance for us to instill healthy eating habits and make consuming fruits a part of our children's daily diet!

We are sure the lesson left a big impact on our children as we now often hear our Star Learners children requesting for a second, if not third serving of fruits! Now, this is healthy living!

My Lantern, My Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn festival is one of the most favored occasion among children as it means a chance for them to parade around with their lanterns in a design of their choice!

To us at Star Learners, we see Mid-Autumn festival as an opportunity for the children to get all creative and hand-make their very own lanterns. After the children had completed their proud creations, the teachers explained to them the origins of Mid-Autumn festival, the story of "Chang Er" and the K2 children even did a show and tell with their self-designed lanterns.

What better way to enhance the learning experience but to treat the children to a feast of mooncakes and pomelos?

Now, this is what we mean by a "delectable" experience!

Garden Adventure!

"We're going on a trip. We're going on a trip! We're going to Jacob Ballas, we're going on a trip"!

Can you imagine the excitement as our Star Learners children sang the above while on their way to Jacob Ballas Children's Garden?

Well, they were so eager that upon reaching, were jumping in great anticipation, "forcing" the teachers to immediately guide the children around the garden to satisfy their hunger for knowledge. One of the biggest draw has to be the interactive photosynthesis machine that clearly demonstrated the process; much to the delight of the children and teachers alike! The children were so awed by the wonders of nature that one student exclaimed, "I want to grow up to be a Scientist"!

After a tiring yet fruitful tour of the garden which was home to many exotic plants, it was time to let the inspirations flow. Our Star Learners children then started drawing, as part of visual expression. We were so impressed with some of their creations and are sure the pieces easily deserve a spot in your home!

Mid Autumn Extravaganza

Thanks heaps to Susanna Tan, our parent volunteer and mother to Leanna Pang of N2 for contributing this write-up.

Celebrating Mid-Autumn festival at Star Learners @ Branksome.

Following days of pouring rain, the skies finally cleared the way for a wonderfully cool evening; perfect for a gathering. Indeed, the grounds at the centre was transformed into a mini fairyland with colourful paper lanterns and candle light, as the staff, children and families gathered to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival.

Following a scrumptious dinner, with food and drinks generously provided by the parents, the teachers led a procession of excited children with their delightful lanterns around the compound. The large array of lanterns was a visual treat. The event was a great opportunity for the parents to mingle and get to know each other. The first gathering at the new premise was certainly a great success.

Looking forward to more in the near future!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fruits Paradise

Star Learners @ Sembawang was transformed into a fruits haven, in line with the theme of the month.

Our children were introduced to a wide array of fruits, from the common oranges and apples to the not so common dragon fruits and pomelos! Loads of learning opportunities were created for the children; some turned fruits farmers, harvesting mangoes for a day while others became fruit salad chefs.

What's most rewarding has to be the opportunity to influence the children to ensure fruits form a part of their diet. They had a go at all types of fruits, from grapes to bananas to even durians.

A fruity experience at Star Learners Fruits Paradise!