Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dad can cook, so can kids!

Our very supportive parent, Frederick(Kayla's daddy) very kindly took time off his busy schedule to lead our Star Learners children in a cookery class.

Daddy Frederick patiently went through the ingredients list and demonstrated each step before our kids took over. They cut out star shapes from slices of watermelon and picked the grapes off the bunch before carefully poking through the fruits with the satay stick. Our kids made two varieties of kebab, a fruit and a finger food one.

Get ready to drool as you scroll!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Confidence through Aikido!!

In line with our tagline of "Building confident, creative children with character" is the implementation of Aikido to our children at Star Learners across all our centres.

So what happens during an Aikido lesson? As in all physical activities, the children will follow the instructors to do a round of stretching before getting into action. As Aikido is a non-aggressive martial-art form, the children are taught some stance as well as self-defence skills and the underlying message of self-control.

Check out our children in action!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cookery Maths Anyone??

One very effective way which we advocate when it comes to learning Mathematics has to be through cooking!

Why so you may ask. Well, what you did not know is that the action of measuring the ingredients and cutting, even how long to cook before serving is a skill set! Measuring teaches them importance of accuracy, cutting teaches them the concept of proportion; big and small and time is learnt when cooking the food itself.

Do get your children involved the next time you whip a meal as it not only encourages bonding but also helps in your child's academic pursuit!

Terrapins, turtles, tortoises - They are all our friends!

A visit to the "Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum" at the Chinese Garden was an eye-opening experience for both the children and our teachers!

We came face-to-face with all the different species of the hard-shelled animal, from the terrapins to the turtles to the tortoises. The kind museum owner even went on to explain to our confident, creative children with character the respective species' behaviour, diet and also how to tell them apart.

Our team left the museum with a newly accquired title; "Experts"!

Numeracy Magic!!

Are the kids beading? Or are they doing craft works?

Well, they are actually learning Mathematics; the hands-on way! We believe in making lessons come alive as that beat rote learning anytime and thus decided to use colourful cubes to impart mathematical concepts of addition and subtraction.

The result? Confident children who could work out answer almost quicker than the calculator! Wow!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Feast with Friends

"Tong Tong Tong Chang," Chinese New Year is coming!

Our children at Star Learners gathered for a pre-Chinese New Year celebration. In order to truly explain the real significance of celebrating Chinese New Year, we prepared a pomelo for the children to "conquer", for them to work hand-in-hand to peel off the skin and enjoy the sweet fruit!

The kids also had their hands at tossing Yu Sheng, the chinese salad. We went through the customs of reciting auspicious phrases before the kids tossed to a prosperous new year filled with health and loads of knowledge!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Moments of Imagination and Nostalgia...

What does a child love most in life other than their doting parents? It has got to be toys and it is this love that prompted us to take our Star Learners children from Branksome out on our first field trip of the new year to the Mint museum of toys.

Upon reaching, the kids were greatly impressed by the five-storey high building; sparking off questions like "Are there life-sized dinosaurs in there?"

Well, life-sized dinosaurs there were none but the children were still amazed to see some three thousand collectibles including Astro Boy, Popeye and vintage Mickey Mouse toys. The children observed the toys and made comparisons between what they are playing now versus what we parents and teachers or even their grannies and grandads used to play. They noticed the difference in the materials used but also realised that the signature colours remain. Our Star Learners children also preferred the friendlier-looking Mickey Mouse to the then seventy years "younger" version.

It was such a joy seeing the children go goo-goo ga-ga over toys we used to play and we all suddenly felt rejuvenated all over again!

We are all "children" after all! :)