Sunday, January 30, 2011

Feast with Friends

"Tong Tong Tong Chang," Chinese New Year is coming!

Our children at Star Learners gathered for a pre-Chinese New Year celebration. In order to truly explain the real significance of celebrating Chinese New Year, we prepared a pomelo for the children to "conquer", for them to work hand-in-hand to peel off the skin and enjoy the sweet fruit!

The kids also had their hands at tossing Yu Sheng, the chinese salad. We went through the customs of reciting auspicious phrases before the kids tossed to a prosperous new year filled with health and loads of knowledge!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Moments of Imagination and Nostalgia...

What does a child love most in life other than their doting parents? It has got to be toys and it is this love that prompted us to take our Star Learners children from Branksome out on our first field trip of the new year to the Mint museum of toys.

Upon reaching, the kids were greatly impressed by the five-storey high building; sparking off questions like "Are there life-sized dinosaurs in there?"

Well, life-sized dinosaurs there were none but the children were still amazed to see some three thousand collectibles including Astro Boy, Popeye and vintage Mickey Mouse toys. The children observed the toys and made comparisons between what they are playing now versus what we parents and teachers or even their grannies and grandads used to play. They noticed the difference in the materials used but also realised that the signature colours remain. Our Star Learners children also preferred the friendlier-looking Mickey Mouse to the then seventy years "younger" version.

It was such a joy seeing the children go goo-goo ga-ga over toys we used to play and we all suddenly felt rejuvenated all over again!

We are all "children" after all! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Teamwork = CNY Ready!

What kind of decorations do you normally see during Chinese New Year? We bet it must be those mass-produced scrolls and dangles!

Now, remember who we have at Star Learners? Bingo! Confident, creative children with character and creative we shall go! Our K1 and K2 Star Learners children worked hand-in-hand and "head-in-head" together to create a one of a kind decor for the school. They made lanterns and an impressive "board" with auspicious greetings and fishes signifying abundance and prosperity which we have proudly displayed and which has now "stolen" all the limelight!

So parents, next time you need decorations of any sorts, remember you have a child who is capable of creating that exclusive piece you have been looking for and all it takes is just a little of your time and.... Viola - A priceless piece of art!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Star Learners Show Stopper!

Everywhere we go...
People want to know...
Who we are...
Where we come from...
So we tell them...
We are from Star Learners
Confident, creative children with character!

With the Chinese New Year round the corner, we decided to take our Star Learners children to soak in the festivities at Chinatown!

So off our Star Learners children went. We visited Chinatown Heritage Centre where our children had a walk down memory lane, seeing and touching numerous items which are now antiques! They also "play pretend" using the old school furnitures to truly understand Singapore back in the olden times.

The best part was that our children actually outshone the iconic Chinatown and became the stars; with tourists stopping just to catch a glimpse of our "Stars"!

We would like to thank our parent volunteers who helped made this trip such a success!

Observation Day!

Our kids recently engaged in a child-led lesson where they were given the choice to tell us what they would like to do for the day and before we knew it, all of us ended up at the woods near our Pasir Ris centre for an "Observation Day"!

The kids were allowed to roam around the woods to look for and take photographs of whatever interests them. After the adventure trail, we had the photographs developed and had a discussion on the things they saw including dried leaves and little creepy crawlies.

In order to reinforce what was taught, we also got our children to draw what they saw and learnt!

One word to describe the experience?


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Great Confidence and Morale Booster!

How often do you get a pat on your shoulders for a job well done?

Well, Star Learners @ Sembawang just did! One of our student's mummy wrote in to us to compliment us for an enriching excursion to Chinatown where our confident, creative children with character of Star Learners became the centre of attraction. Tourists halted just to catch a glimpse of our children! Our Star Learners children were indeed "Stars" of Singapore!

We really appreciate the gesture and will continue to strive and put forth our utmost best to bring out the stars in each child entrusted in our care. Thank you parents for your overwhelming support! :)

A Beautiful End to an Exciting Journey!

As we inch towards the end of January 2011, we simply cannot help but miss our K2 graduates of Star Learners @ Boscombe.

A glimpse through the year end concert photographs and DVD brought back such wonderful memorable moments spent with our lovely Star Learners children that we just had to flaunt them to the world!

The concerted efforts put in by everybody(parents included!) brought our concert to a high as our students performed dance items and skits such as Alladin. They were so well-prepared that they could easily pass off as professionals!

Check out the photographs and see how confident they were; practically beaming with pride!

Join us as we reminicse....